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Popular Door Spring Brands, and our recommendations


We used Axim floor spring units for many years because they were very reliable. However in recent  years we found that far too many units either came with or quickly developed a ‘dead spot’ where the door just would not close.


The brand known today as Briton started life as Newman Tonks. After being bought by Briton the name changed to then Newman Tonks Briton.  The company is today owned by Ingersoll Rand and goes under the name Briton.

After UK fire ratings were upgraded around 1999/2000 the parent company stopped manufacturing vital supporting  products including:

  • top centre sets (both single and double action);
  • bottom shoes (both single and double action);
  • EMBs.

This is a problem as the working life span is now coming to an end and these products have to be replaced with a new make and model.


In our opinion at time of writing (Autumn 2016) Dorma products are the ones we would most recommend. They are the easy to source, the easiest to fit and also the easiest to service and maintain. Their heavy duty units in particular are very good and can handle any door or set of doors. We keep a good range of Dorma closers and spares in stock – in fact at one time we had more than our supplier who asked us for some back! If we don’t have the product required then we can order for next day delivery as long as the item is in the UK; if not then it can take up to 6 weeks.

Popular Dorma units include:



A ‘shallow box’ unit which comes in handy when there are gas or water pipes or electric cables running under the door.



A very good unit, and one we would fit to every door we see if possible, but the cost of supply and fitting is high. This is an expensive closer but the saying ‘you get what you pay for’ is true here.

BTS75 and BTS75V


The Dorma BTS75 was a simply brilliant floor spring which just  lasted and lasted. The new model is the BTS75V which is a nice small unit that can handle a big door if it has to.


Geze started in 1863 in Germany, and have an office in the UK. Although the company make both floor springs and overhead closers, we have mainly seen their medium to heavy strength floor springs in use.

Vintage / Antique

We keep a stock of discontinued used products including floor springs, hydraulic and pneumatic coil springs, plus associated products like top centre sets , shoes, rocker bars, and cylinder parts.

Makes of door closers that we have in stock or regularly come across include: James Adams & Son (Slave), Robert Adams, Allgood, Avon, Brittanic, Camberwell, Cartland, Comyn, Coronet, Earl, Gibbon, Peter Jackson, Leggetts, Modric, Monarch, Marquess, Meteor, Newmans, Oxford, Parker Winder & Achurch, Riobi, Septor, Showell, Smiths, Tudor,Ben Turner, Union, Victor and Viscount.

If you’re after a particular make or model – even if it’s not on the list above – give us a call because we might just have it!